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Courses & Professional
Qualification Programs

Courses & Professional
Qualification Programs

Our Professional Qualification Programs are tailored to the specific industry or sector as applied to our audience. While explaining and clarifying theory we illustrate and apply knowledge to real life scenarios.

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Internal & External Audit

01   International Auditing Standards

02   Internal Audit

03   External Audit

04    Internal Controls & Best Practices

05    Audit of Public Institutions

06    Corporate Governance & Best Practices
Accounting & Financial
Reporting Standards

01   National Accounting Standards

02   International Accounting Standards

03   International Financial Reporting Standards

Financial Statements

01   Understanding the Financial Statements

02   Financial Statements Preparation

03   Financial Modeling

04   Financial Reporting
Accounting Documents
Other Courses

01   Business Plan Preparation

02   Business Valuations

03   Budgeting & Monitoring Process

04   Project Management

05   Risk Management

06   Business Valuation & Modeling

07   Investments & Portfolio Management

08    Fiscal Legislation & Tax Declarations

09   Public Sector Practices & Legislation
List of Courses
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